KarboEx: Carboniferous limestones reinvestigated for geothermal use



Leonard Kaiser



+49 241 80 95965



In NRW, carbonates are widely available at depths with temperatures sufficient for geothermal heat utilisation. The KarboEx project is dedicated to this.

In contrast to the Bavarian Molasse, the carbonates in NRW have not yet been sufficiently explored. Exploration is a cost-intensive task, especially when larger areas are involved. The proposed project is therefore initially based exclusively on the processing of existing data with this new objective. These are about 1,000 km of 2D seismic, 29 3D seismic measurements and 1,300 deep boreholes from coal exploration and findings from hard coal mining. Other existing data, e.g. from outcrop analogue surveys, are taken into account.

The results of this research project can be used to estimate the geothermal potential of the carbonates of the Carboniferous and Devonian in NRW at comparatively low cost compared to the usual costs of new exploration) and to steer further exploration activities. The ultimate goal is to create the conditions for the construction of a larger number of heating plants at suitable locations (neighbourhood solutions) and the replacement of fossil heat sources with a renewable heat source.