Northwest Borneo fold-thrust belt: tectonic restoration and petroleum systems modelling



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The purpose of this research project is to investigate petroleum systems in complicated tectonic settings. This research focuses on a basin-wide fold-thrust belt in the northwest Borneo margin, one of the most geologically complex regions in Southeast Asia. Besides its complexity, this area serves aspects of research and economy focusing on hydrocarbons, due to world-class oil and gas discoveries.

In order to understand both, the tectonic evolution of the northwest Borneo margin and the hydrocarbon development, we combine structural reconstruction and petroleum system modelling. Specifically, we conduct a comprehensive three-dimensional petroleum system modelling together with regional geochemical and structural reconstruction studies. Using these results, we are able to assess the risks and uncertainties of the petroleum systems. In particularl, the ambiguity in source rock development and the timing of hydrocarbon accumulation.

This research is expected to provide new information on hydrocarbon charge mechanisms and the tectonic evolution of the northwest Borneo margin and will advance the understanding of the petroleum system in fold-thrust belts.