Applied Regional Geology



Peter Kukla



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  Geological map Copyright: © S.Becker

Regional Geology links continental dynamics, chronometry/-stratigraphy and local geology. Regional Geology research at the Geological Institute at RWTH Aachen University integrates geodynamics, tectonics, structural geology, stratigraphy and sedimentology. The information required for Regional Geology is complemented by a variety of geochemical and geophysical observations. Paramount among these are 2D and 3D seismic surveys as well as borehole data that provide key insights that greatly supplement information obtained from surface geological mapping. Regional geology also is a major subject in Germany’s energy transition strategy in which subsurface energy and heat production – such as geothermal energy – and energy and heat storage such as green methane, hydrogen and heat play a key role.

The key regions for activity in our state of North Rhine Westfalia are the Aachen fold-thrust belt, including the 2.5 km RWTH-1 borehole ca. 100 m away from the department, and the Ruhrgebiet region.