Sedimentology and Environmental Geology



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The research topic Sedimentology and Environmental Geology focusses on sediments with special emphasis on carbonate rocks. Moreover, the potential as geothermal reservoir is examined, based on e.g. the analysis of the mineralogy, porosity/permeability characteristics, diagenesis and fluid migration pathways.

The environmental geology comes into play as the sediments of e.g. lakes, rivers or seas are analysed concerning the evolution of paleoclimate and – environment, including anthropogenic pollution and its relation to human history. Key methods include the analysis of pollen and non-pollen-palynomorphs as well as other evidences for microflora and -fauna together with sedimentological and geochemical approaches.

The research group collaborates with national and international academia and research groups.

Key regions in which we are or have been active include Europe, e.g. Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Albania & Portugal, as well as India and Indonesia.