Structural Geology and Tectonics



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The research topic “Structural Geology and Tectonics” covers the interactions of drivers of mountain building at a wide range of scales. In this group we investigate how deformation changes in time and space at the scale of individual faults to orogens. We aim to understand how these changes are a result of the interaction of deep and surface processes, or mechanical characteristics of faults, particularly for mechanically heterogeneous materials. We follow an interdisciplinary approach using field data, geophysical measurements, numerical and analog modeling and machine learning techniques.


Current projects ... to driving forces and rates of tectonic processes

  • FB-4D - Foreland basin evolution records the effects of plate reorganization, surface evolution and crustal deformation on mountain building
  • SANDS – Single Grain Age Distribution in Thermochronological Samples
  • ThinkOman - In this project we use a combination of (micro-)structural investigations with thermochronological age dating to better understand rock formation in Oman.
  • From subduction to collision - mountain building in Taiwan and Sumatra:
  • Influence of climate and erodibility on mountain building processes

Current projects ... on the influence of mechanical heterogeneity on deformation

  • TRIANGLE – Constraining Geometric Uncertainty of Triangle Structures with Mechanical Models
  • Shale Mechanics – from macro to micro
  • FiR – Fluids in rocks
  • BoDy – Boudinage Dynamics