Sustainable Georessources Management



Peter Kukla



+49 241 80 95720


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The research and teaching area "Georesources Management" covers "classical" georesources such as fossil energy and mineral resources, renewable resources such as geothermal energy, applied technical resources in the form of geomaterials, and the relationships between georesources, environment and mankind.

At the Geological Institute, research focuses on cross-sectional topics such as the material flow analysis of certain georesources - hydrogen, geothermal energy, hydrocarbons -, the use and economization as well as the ecological assessment of georesources projects, and the analysis of social and economic implications - Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. In the coming years, these analyses and methods will increasingly be covered at the Institute and in cooperation with other departments in the course of the energy transition in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Current Projects

  • Sustainability assessment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle; MSc project with FZJ IEK-3
  • Techno-economic analysis of selected industrial sectors - glass, copper, zinc - using an energy system model; MSc project with FZJ IEK-3
  • An analysis of the framework conditions of a CO2 economy in NRW with a focus on transport and storage, taking into account geological conditions; MSc project with Open Grid Europe GmbH