The Geological Institute offers regularly Bachelor and Master theses on the following research topics. If you are interested, please contact the respective contact persons.

Research topic Contact
Regional Geology Kukla
Sedimentology and Environmental Geology Schröder
Tectonics and Sedimentary Systems Back
Sustainable Georessources Management Kukla

Currently, Bachelor- and Master theses in the following topics in the region Aachen-Liège-Maastricht are available upon consultation:

  • Petrographical geochemical and facies analyses of various lithologies using macroscopic investigations, sedimentological description, thin-section analysis and XRD-measurements
    Contact: Schröder

  • Characterisation of joint systems and their properties based on field work and image analysis
    Contact: Waldvogel

Master thesis “Naturally fractured reservoirs”

A master thesis dealing with “Naturally fractured reservoirs” is available at the Geological Institute. In this thesis, a part of a quarry near Kornelimünster shall be treated as an analogue outcrop for geothermal reservoirs in NRW. Therefore, the student shall investigate the facies and diagenesis of the rock unit macroscopically and microscopically using hand specimen, thin-sections and XRD as well as determinig the structural evolution (i.e. faults, folds, fractures). Based on these results, an estimation of the rock unit regarding its potential as geothermal reservoir shall be made.


Carbonate sedimentology, Structural geology, Willingness to conduct ca. 4 weeks of fieldwork in an active quarry;

basic knowledge of German is advantegeous